Canvas prints are a brilliant way to jazz up your bare and boring walls without breaking the bank. Made by a professional printer, personalised canvas prints are perfect for a wall gallery to tastefully preserve cherished memories and can also make a fitting present for special occasions.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to what you can do with custom canvas prints. Here are some beautiful ideas to help you.

Memorable family photos

Honestly, when was the last time you printed your family photographs? Since the advent of the social media age, it has become natural to upload photos on Facebook or Instagram rather than print them for a photo album. You can choose a collection of your favourite family photos and have personalised canvas prints. This could be anything from beautiful wedding portraits, heart-melting baby snaps or lovely photos of the family on holiday.

Art and photography

Do you or any of your family members dabble in art or photography? Make their masterpieces come to life through custom canvas prints. This could be your own shots of spectacular scenery, your toddler’s colourful drawings, pages of your sketchpad or royalty-free illustrations and photographs you see on the Internet. All of this could be reproduced and printed in larger format through personalised canvas prints.

Inspirational quotes and poems

A motivational quote that will keep you going, a beautiful passage from the scriptures or a captivating poem by your favourite poet, the options are endless! Display them on the walls of your home or office through personalised canvas prints.

Professional canvas printer in Glasgow

Glasgow Creative are professional canvas printers. We offer high-quality personalised canvas prints to customers in and around Glasgow. We print our canvases on 250gsm and 350gsm cotton canvas neatly and firmly stretched over an excellent-grade wooden frame. For more information on canvas printing in Glasgow or to create your first ever canvas print with us, please complete the contact form on our website, give us a call on 0141 420 6800, or send us an email at