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Memo Pads are a brilliant marketing item.

Just think about it – you give a 50 sheet memo pad to a customer, he (or she) sits it on the desk and looks at it every day for about a month, seeing your logo and whichever marketing message you’ve decided to use.

During that month, your customer uses the memo pad to write notes to several colleagues, tears the sheet off and hands it away.

The colleague then has your logo and marketing message for a day or so while he gets around to dealing with it.

What a great way to build your brand awareness!

Memo pads can be various sizes, A6 / A5 / A4 are the most popular but we use one that’s 240 x 210mm and label it as a Mouse Pad – a more practical replacement for a Mouse Mat.

Normally, the sheets for memo pads are glued at the top but they could also be wire or spiral bound.