White SpacerSigns are often he most important thing for business premises. We design, manufacture and install all sorts of signs.Shop Signs, Van Signs Window Signs and many more.
Shop signs are normally above the shop window but not always. Shops signs can mean Window Graphics, Projecting Signs, Point of Sales Displays.Even when it is above the shop window, there are lots of options. Normally the sign will be based on an Aluminium Compsite Sheet (ACS) sometimes called DiBond. It can be printed text and/or images mounted to the ACS (as in the smaller Dunmuir sign) or it might be cut-vinyl text. Or to add a bit of depth, it can be text cut from ACS and mounted with (or without) stand-off locators. (an example is the Sweeney’s sign) The larger Dunmuir sign is a mixture of cut-vinyl and text cut from ACS)Another option is Acrylic (the Beauty Lounge sign is a good example of Acrylic on stand-off locators)Then there’s a decision to be made about illumination. In Glasgow we suffer from murky days and dark evenings for half the year. So, if your budget will run to it, illumination can be a worthwhile investment. At it’s simplest, illumination can come from overhead spot-lights or a trough light. Other options include a sign-tray which will contain fluorescent or LED lighting.Glasgow Creative can guide you through the options and then, when you’ve decided what works best for your budget and your business, we can show how it will look before you approve it to be manufactured and installed.
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