In the modern business world, a lot of focus is placed on digital ways of communicating with your customers. However, this does not mean that you should forget about more traditional ways of marketing your business or staying in touch with people. Compliment slips are one of the best ways to use printed business material and engage clients. These handy slips of paper are still a very effective way to forge closer connections with existing customers and attract new ones.

But what makes them so worthwhile?

Quick and easy to use

Compliment slips are just very convenient and quick for your staff to use. Rather than having to type out a letter to include, slips like this are ready to include in the envelope whenever you post something out. As your company logo and details are already printed on them, you can be sure the person receiving the material has everything they need to get back in touch.

Gives a personal feel

Another great reason to use this type of printed business material is the personal touch they deliver. Although company details will be pre-printed on the slips, there is always space for a brief, hand-written note to be added. This gives your client communication a special feel which really resonates with people. In essence, it shows you are a company that cares and treats them as individuals.

A more professional approach

Although they can be customised with a hand-written message, compliment slips still look very professional. This can often go down well with potential clients you are sending out marketing material to. Many people still see a company who uses compliment slips as trustworthy and successful. Popping in a slip of this nature is also much more professional looking than doing the same thing on post-it notes.

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