If you are planning a marketing campaign, you should not underestimate the power printed t-shirts can have. A quality, printed t-shirt can help raise recognition for your brand and help you form relationships with potential customers. Below we explore how printed t-shirts can be used for marketing purposes.

1. Prizes

Hosting a small competition and offering the winner a free t-shirt is a great way to make individuals engage with your company and recognise your business as something to be esteemed. Competitions can be simple, such as sharing a social media post, which in turn helps to support your digital marketing efforts with physical rewards.

2. Branding

If you and your team are planning to attend an industry event or exhibition, printed t-shirts can give you a professional look and improve your company branding. If members of your team are instantly recognisable, it will attract consumers to you and give your business a clear overall brand.

3. Recognition

At industry events, handing out free t-shirts will make your company name and logo much more recognisable. Everyone loves a free gift and even if your t-shirts only get used to sleep in, the wearer will become increasingly familiar and comfortable with your brand without even realising it.

4. Advertisement

Individuals or employees wearing your printed t-shirt in public is free advertising! Name recognition is extremely important when trying to build the reputation of a reliable, popular company and branded t-shirts can help to raise the profile of your business.

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