Looks may not be everything, but visual identity is still incredibly important when it comes to attracting customers. A shop window crowded with blurry, low-quality posters simply can’t stand a chance against a place that presents itself with professional-looking signage and designs.

You only get one shot at a first impression, and wouldn’t it be a shame to waste it by something as simple as printing your images in low quality?

Even a seemingly high-resolution picture can turn out grainy and underwhelming after going through the printing process. This can be down to several reasons – namely wrong DPI measurement, image size, or colour schemes.

DPI stands for dots per inch, a measurement of print resolution which tells you how detailed your final image will be. It is important to note that a picture’s resolution is not the same thing as its size. Your source image may look beautifully crisp on your laptop screen – it could even have the right dimensions – but if you forget to make sure the DPI ratio is right, you are in for an unpleasant pixelated surprise.

The standard recommended resolution is 300DPI, so aim to save your images that way. Lower DPI can sometimes be acceptable (for example in distant posters or billboards) – still, never go under 150DPI.

Calibrate your screen regularly to ensure the colours you see on your monitor correspond to how your image appears on other devices and in real life. Using the correct colour scheme is vital as well – images in a digital RGB (red, green, blue) scheme are more vivid on electronic devices, but lose a lot of their shine when printed out. Aiming to work in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) will prevent flat-looking palettes of your final printed products.

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