Labelling products is an essential feature in marketing. A label is an informative tag, wrapper or seal attached to a product or product’s packaging. Through labels, consumers can make an informed decision on what items to buy based on their personal preferences. To discuss further, we have listed some of the important functions of product labels.

Identifies brand and product identity

The name of the product and the brand itself forms its own identity. It is easier to identify a particular product among many with the help of labels. For example, a consumer wants to buy a certain brand of cereal. The task of finding the desired item from a collection of various branded cereals becomes easier through the help of product labels.

Shows product description

Labelling also helps to describe a product. It gives information regarding the size, quality, quantity, ingredients and manufacturing date and place. Additional details such as the allergens present in the food item are often listed to inform consumers.

Recommendation for use

Some labels provide instructions or recommendations on how to use a product. In some products like laundry detergent, you may notice a recommendation on how much detergent you need to use in your laundry depending on your wash load.

Providing information required by law

Providing statutory warning required by law is another important function of labels. Take for example, the health warning placed on cigarette packages. Similarly, in the case of hazardous products like pesticides, appropriate warnings also need to be in place.

Helps in promotion

Product labels can also promote sales. The look of the product can encourage customers to purchase it. Additionally, when an item is labelled on sale, it attracts the attention of the customers. At such times, a look at the product label can convert a prospect to a customer.

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