A menu might seem like a straightforward design task. After all, isn’t it just a case of listing all your dishes under various headings? Not quite. If you’re looking to wow your customers, take a look at this list of things to consider:

Use images wisely

You have to strike a balance when it comes to using photos in your menu. Too many and you’ll detract from the actual information and too few and you may not entice your customers. Remember that any photos you do include should be of actual dishes you serve rather than stock photos. They should also be of a good quality, so invest in a professional photographer if needed.

Use lines and boxes

Organisation is key on a menu, as nobody wants to make their way through a never ending list as though they were reading a bestseller. Your menu isn’t a book, so make sure you divide the sections up appropriately, helping customers easily find the mains and sides as well as the drinks.

It’s also worth paying attention to the areas the eye is drawn to. Although previously many restaurant owners believed the top right corner to be the prime place to advertise premium dishes, new research suggests it is, in fact, the top left. Having a colourful box here is sure to draw eyes to the deals you really want to sell.

Stay on brand

When it comes to using fonts and graphics, make sure your menu reflects the theme of your restaurant. Whether you’re serving Mexican, French or Italian dishes, there’s no one size fits all. Use your website, social media and flyers to get a solid idea of the shape your current brand takes and go from there.

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