Do you have a memo pad? In the digital era, you might be fooled into thinking that a humble pad designed for jotting down important notes has lost its importance. However, even with today’s technology at our disposal, the memo pad certainly has its place. You can even get them branded from your design and print company.

In this blog, we discuss why a memo pad can still be a vital tool for today’s office and home workers.


You’ve just received a call from a client or business partner, and before you know it, they are blurting out important words which you will need to refer back to. Rather than awkwardly asking them to repeat what they’ve said while you tap your password into a smartphone and find the note app you downloaded, you can turn to your trusty memo pad. The ability to start scribbling immediately can save you precious seconds in the battle to record vital info.

A lasting record

You might be one of those people that remember things well, but why leave it to chance? Attempting to memorise everything you hear in a phone call can prove impossible, and leave you with the embarrassing task of needing to call somebody back and ask them for a refresh.

Write and remember

Do you remember your teachers at school telling you revision would be made easier if you wrote down what you were revising? You might not have listened at the time, but you can find that by writing down what somebody is telling you, the hardest part is already done. Writing can make things easier to remember, so that by the time you refer back to your notes, you already have a good idea of what you need to know.

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