What do you think of when you picture MacDonald’s? Or Snapchat? Or Apple? If it’s the golden arches, a yellow ghost and a slightly-eaten apple then you’ve got it right. All three business giants have managed to build an image of themselves within the consumer’s eye, and branding plays a large role in this.

If you’re looking for answers on why you should brand your office space then look no further. We’ve taken a look at why branding your office is so important so that you can build your business and enjoy even more growth.

First impressions matter

It’s your first day in the office. You walk through the door. The first thing you see is a well designed and aesthetic outdoor signage. Your thoughts? Well, it’s likely to be positive. Using outdoor signage and other forms of branding can inspire your employees to work to their best standards.

By investing in your brand, you’re showing your employees that you trust and believe in your business. Because you’re proud to use your office space to display your brand, your employees will find this confidence-inspiring. What’s more, it’ll build a bigger relationship between employees and your brand: because your employees can physically see the creative side to your business, it will spur them on to tackle tasks with confidence and creativity.

Investing in a well-branded office space can involve everything from printing your brand name on walls to installing small touches that go with the theme of your brand. If your brand signage has a specific font then you may consider transferring that into the branding around your office. Perhaps your brand has a curling, bouncy font which means you’ll want your office space to have relaxed and uplifting decor. Or perhaps your shop signage is slightly more modern and sleek, meaning you may want to integrate a more modern and stylish look.

Recruiting the best

Growing your business

A well-branded office space shows professionalism and thought. By taking the time out to add in little touches that fall in line with your brand, you create a more welcoming space that more people will want to work in.

All too often, the image of a grey office with cheap chairs and tables permeates people’s minds when they think of an office. By branding your office space creatively you can create a workspace that people look forward to working in, and that makes your brand all the more reputable.

And, of course, once more employees start reporting the enjoyment of working in your office, the more likely you are to be able to recruit the best talent. High skilled employees will want to work in an environment that is friendly, welcoming and, most importantly, professional. And, the more quality talent you gain, the more your business can expand.

Client satisfaction

Depending on your business, you may find that some clients need to visit your office space. If anything, the answer to why you should brand your office space depends on the impression you make on your customers. Considering that around 60% of businesses have reported that improving or enhancing the visibility of their brand signage alone has yielded a 10% increase in profit, office branding should be considered seriously.

By creating a strong brand for your office, you’re able to show customers or traders that you provide top quality services. In the world of business, image can be everything, and clients are always looking for ways to gain an insight into the quality of your business. A strong brand for your office means more client confidence, making a sale much more likely.

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