Had enough of covid now? Haven’t we all. Perhaps you’ve even been dreaming of pre-lockdown days.

With so many regulations, staying up to date with all the current do’s and don’ts can be overwhelming, especially if you’re running a business.

Creating a covid free space for both workers and customers is hugely important for health and safety. In these uncertain times, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your place of work is safe and secure.

Social distancing

Covid spreads mainly amongst people who are in close contact. By staying at least two metres from others, you can help keep cases low.

Many business owners have now adopted a one-way system around their shops to maintain distance between customers. The use of floor markings, as well as other shop signage, has assisted in keeping people both informed and protected.

Wearing a mask

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus, you must wear a face covering. Learn more from the World Health Organisation on when and how to use masks.

Masks are now compulsory in countless workplaces. Are face coverings being worn in your shop or office? If not, take steps to encourage people to remember this crucial precaution. Indoor and outdoor signage can remind your colleagues and customers that they need to be, and should be, worn inside all establishments.


As we’ve been discussing, one of the most important things you can do is inform your staff, customers and clients of the covid safety protocols. Without any shop or office signage to notify people, they won’t always know what measures are in place.

These signs could include:

  • Social distancing indications
  • Graphics of people wearing masks
  • Notices asking you to use antibacterial hand gel
  • Reminders to limit the number of people in the building or a room

Though it’s unlikely that every sign will be applicable to your business, at least a few will be. Putting them up where applicable is a low effort yet highly effective way to help keep people safe…and keep your business moving!

For more information on how you can create a covid protected workplace, check out the government advice on working safely during coronavirus.

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