Do you run a business in Glasgow? If so, you’ll probably want to draw up a coronavirus workplace checklist to protect your customers, staff, and any visitors arriving at your premises.

Customers looking for shop signage in Glasgow can enter our premises feeling safe and secure – knowing we’ve taken the necessary steps to keep them protected while visiting.

That’s because we drew up a checklist based on UK government guidance for businesses.

Here’s how we’re keeping our shop sign business COVID-19 free.

We hope you find our short guide helpful.

Create a risk assessment

To protect our teams and customers, we reviewed and made changes to our existing risk assessment policy.

We now understand which steps must be taken to keep everyone protected.

Do you need to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment? You can do it here.

Maintain Social Distancing

Because we print shop signage in Glasgow, we sometimes have to interact with customers and visitors.

When people are on-site, we make sure everyone keeps 2-metres apart.

Our team members also wear full PPE – so that our customers feel safe.

Cleaning your hands & premises

In between printing and selling outdoor signage, we regularly wash our hands and have sanitiser dispensers available – not just for our team, but anyone visiting our premises.

We’re also careful to keep our office and printing areas clean so that our people can carry on working without worrying about the risk of infection.

Keep your workspaces well ventilated

Check all areas of your premises have adequate ventilation – and make sure equipment is working properly.

Sometimes, opening a window is more than enough to reduce the impact of airborne transmission.

Does your business own a fleet of vehicles? Opening doors and windows before passengers get in can reduce the risk of transmission.

Tell people what steps you are taking

As a printer of shop front signs, we employ an on-site team. We’ve explained what steps we’ve taken to protect them – and outlined what they need to do to keep our customers and visitors safe.

You may want to:

  • Create posters reminding people to wash and sanitise their hands
  • Put signage in your windows reminding visitors to socially distance
  • Use floor stickers to ensure people keep two-metres apart

Why not ask us to create this printed material for your business – so everyone can enter your workspace with peace of mind.

Shop signage, Glasgow – Prices & Guidance

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