Business cards are an effective marketing tool, especially for freelancers and small businesses. They serve as an introduction to prospective clients and associates, helping them build a connection or network. To make the most out of your business cards, it is necessary to find a creative design and print company that will guide you through the process. Glasgow Creative is here to help you create a business card design that will leave a lasting impression.

Put necessary text

In the pre-internet era, business cards were just plain calling cards that indicated your name, company, title, address and phone numbers. Today, you can add a plethora of information such as website, email address and social network usernames. When deciding what to include on your business card, make sure you put only the basic essentials and a simple tag line to make it stand out.

Choose a font style

Now that you know what information to add, it’s time to proceed to the typography. Pick a font style and size that is clear and legible. You must also select a colour scheme that works well together and complements your brand.

Add your logo and some graphics

A company logo and some additional graphics can help show off your brand identity without explicitly verbalising it. Try to communicate your brand’s personality by using visuals and colours. For a casual approach, adding some bright colours can do the trick. Meanwhile, having a minimalist design is great to show professionalism.

Consider special finishes

Some printing shops offer special finishes that can improve the look of your business cards. Finishes like embossing, letter pressing and foil stamping can draw attention and make a lasting impression.

Glasgow Creative has provided affordable design and print services to the business community since 1998. Our team can help you decide what’s best for you and your marketing message. If you are in need of a professional business card printer in Glasgow, contact us today to discuss your requirements.