In a world so influenced by the digital, it can seem like your business website is the most important point of contact for potential customers. And, of course, it should be a vital part of your marketing plan. However, if you have a physical retail store, your shop front signs can also influence sales & how customers see your business.  Read on to learn how top-quality shop front signage can support your business.

The importance of great shop front signage

Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to representing your brand and your products, it’s important that your shop front is up to scratch — and that includes your signage. Why? Well…

First impressions count

No matter what you sell, in retail, first impressions count. That goes for first impressions online and in person. If prospective customers search for your shop on the internet, your website homepage will influence whether or not they continue to browse. Your shop front is the equivalent — will they open the door or turn away? Is your shop sign neat and fresh or dusty and falling apart? Even if you stock the most incredible products, visitors may be put off by a shabby shop front. Perhaps they’ve heard good things about your services but the appearance of your shop exterior sends them to a competitor. Don’t take the chance! Stand out for the right reasons, and entice visitors in with a well-kept sign that will make you proud.

Increased brand awareness

Just as ensuring your website design reflects your company values and the products you sell, shop signage can help visitors understand what you do. From your colour scheme to the font you use, bespoke signage can help promote your brand consistently.  If a visitor is specifically looking for your business, a strong, recognisable shop sign will help them identify you from afar. Good signage should also help those who aren’t familiar with your brand understand your business. Keep it clear, concise, and relevant. Go for an easy-to-read font and choose wording that gives the observer an idea of what you do. Is your shop tucked away from a main street? Pavement signs can help direct customers to you so you don’t miss out on potential sales. These sorts of signs should represent your business in the same way your main shop front does. 

It can draw in passers-by 

A great shop sign can also engage those who aren’t specifically looking for your services. Perhaps holidaymakers want to browse your local area and are drawn in by your vibrant, eye-catching signage. Great outdoor signage can lead to increased footfall and boost your sales. It can also encourage locals to visit you more frequently. Did you know that 60% of people intend to shop locally as much as possible? It’s important to appeal to return customers who live nearby as well as tourists or one-off visitors. 

Outdoor signage from Glasgow Creative

Just as hiring a professional to carry out your web design can raise your company’s online presence, investing in great signage can improve in-store traffic. At Glasgow Creative, we can support you with both digital and print services.   Whether you’re looking for traditional shop front signage, window graphics, or A boards and pavement signs, our experienced designers can create unique, tailored signs. We can also manufacture and install them, so you can get your shop front looking great quickly and efficiently. As one of the leading sign companies in Glasgow, we have the skills and know-how to help your business stand out from the crowd. Why not give us a call to discuss your signage requirements?